Building relationships using the wisdom of Love Languages

by Yadvinder

I am learning about the 5 love languages by Dr. Gary Chapman thanks to this video by Lavendaire titled The 5 Love Languages

here is what I learned about the 5 different love languages.  The first is affirmative words which means to give the person nice words like compliments words of appreciation and words of love and encouragement.  Next is the love language of Acts of Service where we think of things to do for the other person that will help them out or lighten their load of tasks to do such that we help them.  Quality Time is another love language where we give full attention to the person, listen fully without distraction and keep our commitments to do stuff with them. Then there is the love language of Receiving Gifts where one takes the time to get a thoughtful gift for the other person by putting in effort and making the sacrifice to get something for them an idea given by Lavendaire is to have a gift idea book to write down things that they like I am using evernote for this.  Last is the love language of Physical Touch which includes things like hugs etc.