Can we go for a win-win with politicians & teaching?

by Yadvinder


In the article titled What’s At Stake if the Harper Government is re-elected in the ETFO Voice Summer 2015 magazine, what really strikes me is the actions taken by this government where the unions and their people were forced to go back to work, there are positives and negatives to this; however, being a teacher I have the feeling that unions want to do what is best for their employees like such as smaller classroom sizes; however, when the government does things like forces employees back to work they are doing what is right for the general public. This makes me think, is there a way where we can go for what Dr. Stephen R. Covey calls the third alternative or a win/win situation? Wouldn’t it be ideal if unions and the government could both get what they needed? What is the alternative to voting for the conservatives, and will it be a better choice for the teaching field?