Reflections: Indian Residential Schools

by Yadvinder


While reading the etfo voice magazine vol 17. no 4 summer 2015 I am thinking about the article talking about the negative impacts of the indian residential schools of where they sought to separate the first nations children from their homes and then try to eradicate their language and culture. I wonder about today’s children, how lucky they are to be raised in families where they are in nurturing and loving relationships where they are taught the culture and traditions that are important in their families and also they are given the chance to express their culture, language and traditions!

I feel that it is important to help young children see role models that are similar to them and speak their language; however, I also think its important for kids to be familiar with other cultures and traditions. I wonder why people are segregating their children by putting them in certain private schools that are based on a certain religion.  Instead, why not open up the child to learn the essential underlying principles and values of all religions?  I think we need to learn how to develop trust, faith and love in each other to help each other and avoid creating borders and separations.