Reflections: struggling readers

by Yadvinder


In this months etfo magazine there is a review about the book titled struggling readers: why band-aids don't stick and worksheets don't work by Lori Jamison Rog and what I am thinking is that is it true that if a child is not able to read fluently by the end of grade 1, then the child will have difficulties? How about the belief that students should only be exposed to individual letters and their sounds in grade one but in kindergarten they should learn about the letters in context and not separated. I wonder why a child that is struggling to read by the end of grade one is not helped then and there and allowed to fall through the cracks, is there a solution, I feel that playing video games motivated me to read as a child as I wanted to know what to do to pass the level and repeatedly seeing words like Go and Start helped me learn those words. Also, I remember the Pizza Hut coupons we could earn if we read a certain amount of books, even though this might cause one to read only for extrinsic rewards I wonder if there is a way to create an intrinsic desire to read. I learned that my favorite rapper read lots of books and so I wrote down the titles of books he read and started to follow in his footsteps thus I wonder if we can find a way to make reading more game based and more cool by providing them with chances to see examples of role models that students respect and relate to engaged in literacy activities like reading, writing and journaling .