Teaching with Plays, & iPads

by Yadvinder


This week’s challenge for me personally is to read as much as I can and reflect on what I am reading of the Professionally Speaking June 2015 issue.  Just started today and I have learned about what Sylvia Duckworth is doing in her French classes to make it more engaging for her grade 4 boys and I am amazed! I learned that she has them talking a lot because if they are the ones talking they are learning. She teaches French in a way where she pairs words with gestures and actions to help them increase their fluency in the terminology and once they get it, the gesturing reduces.  Also, she uses stories and plays and then students get to act out plays and rewrite scripts.  The students also get to use technology such as the ipad and voice thread to add their own voices to pictures, or make movies with iMovie or make inanimate objects talk with apps like YAKiT Kids.  Sylvia gives thanks to the social media world of twitter where she gets answers to her questions and big ideas from others and also networks with others. She has a blog and likes to share her ideas. I love her idea of starting off the year with the key important vocabulary and adding gestures.  I guess that is why I find that learning Punjabi the easy way textbook was one of the best in terms of helping me learn punjabi as it came with a song and gestures for each letter that could be performed to help me easily remember the letter and the sound associated with it! 

IQ - Inquiry Based learning

In looking at the review of the IQ: A practical guide to inquiry-based learning by Jennifer Watt and Jill Colyer I am learning that it is important to keep in mind that students are curious and they want to think and learn and we should try to get students to put out questions for all of us to think about and the focus in the classrooms needs to be about teaching students “How to learn” (p. 47).  Just today on twitter I seen a tweet about Einstein’s teachings about following our own curiousity (https://twitter.com/ActionComplete/status/625192094336839681)